Some may wonder why I have the crazy nickname “Jessy-Roo.”  To be honest, I don’t really know.  It originated with my Grandma Annie; when Ransom and I got married, he started using it as well.

It’s probably my nickname for the same reason you have your nickname: at a decidedly unguarded moment, somebody who loved (loves?) you invented a silly yet endearing title for you.  Moms start doing this the moment their babies are born.  And they don’t just limit themselves to nicknames.  They come up with all manner of strange vocabulary to express their affection for their babies.

Anyways, I like my nickname.  It reminds me that my grandma and my husband love me and can (could) be their silly, wonderful selves around me.  🙂

(Sometimes, 🙂 says everything.)


One Response to “Why “Jessy-Roo”?”

  1. Hannah Says:

    Hi Jessica! I like your site. It’s neat that we (you, me, Megan, Ridge) can have these fun blogs!

    Hannah Vestal

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