I’m Jessica (22), the happy wife of Ransom (27), the proud mama of Honour (23 months) and Remember (7 months) and a full-time homemaker.  My family and I live in the beautiful Flathead Valley of Montana.  We attend a small Reformed Baptist church.  I believe God has made me a woman, wife and mother for the purpose of glorifying him and I rejoice in this calling.

My primary interst is to know God more intimately and thereby love him more deeply and serve him more faithfully.  I am grateful he has called me to love him by loving my husband and children as well as my church family and community.  It is my desire to more clearly reflect the character of Christ to those around me and be a living testimony of God’s grace.

I enjoy music, reading and writing, crafts of all kinds, cooking and baking, gardening and interior decorating.  I give piano lessons from my home and would love to start a home business one-day.

Some random, “little” things I love…

a long walk; a quiet afternoon with just my husband and babies; crocheting; hand-writing letters; journalling; the mountains; tulips in a vase; the colors blue, yellow, green and red; antiques; creating something beautiful for my home; cottage gardens; times spent with extended family; my hilarious brothers; my darling sisters; C.O. Bigelow’s mint-infused lip tint; any Burt’s Bees product; and, last but not least, a piping-hot cup of coffee, with cream and sugar.  


One Response to “About Me”

  1. Rayia Says:

    Hello dear Sis,

    I love the new blog and too so agree with you about the tulips, there are few flowers I enjoy more then tulips in a vase!

    Have fun blogging!


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