In a former post, I told you all that my son was horse crazy.  Well, it’s true, and he comes by it quite honestly.  Not only are Ransom and I horse-lovers, but several of our siblings are as well.  It’s only natural that our child would have an infatuation with these gorgeous animals. 

A little while ago, we informed Honour that his Uncle Rem was getting a horse, and since that time, he’s spoken of hardly anything else.  Rem loves it that his little nephew is just as gung-ho about horses as he is.  So on Friday, immediately after claiming his new horse, Rem rode to our place.  He gave Honour a ride, and has definitely earned the “uncle-of-the-hour” award. 🙂

After a little visiting, we took a walk with the aunties; Honour rode the whole way.

When Rem left, it was raining cats and dogs.  I’m sure he wasn’t thinking this, but he looked really cool, riding away in the rain in his cowboy hat and black Carhartt.  Sorry Rem, just had to add that. 😉