July 2008


The strawberries have been our best crop…
…in fact, we had so many, we made strawberry facials!



Violas in my mother’s garden
A swallowtail butterfly on the lilacs



First time swimming
Getting to know Uncle Jay’s calf
Her first strawberry



Taking a break from digging a trench with Papa
Gettin’ all cleaned up!



The Ransom Mallery Family



Look what my mama brought me from Missoula!

Isn’t it cute?  It’s a Fiestaware (sp?) sugar bowl and creamer set.  I just love it.  Thanks Mom!

And look what Ransom brought me!

He brings me flowers whenever he gets off night shift.  Isn’t he a sweetie? 🙂  I just love the color of these roses and think they look wonderful in my big blue pitcher.   

So, I’m all ready for tea.  Come join me!

Hello everyone.  Today was a day of particular rejoicing in our household.  My father, after nearly eight weeks of being in the hospital, returned to his home here in Columbia Falls.  He was greeted by many joyous friends and his grateful family.

He and Mom got home from Missoula around 5:30 this evening.  About thirty people, mostly friends from church, were here to welcome them with balloons, banners, shouts of exultation and songs of praise to our merciful and almighty God.  Upon his arrival, Daddy was quickly ushered into the house, where his old armchair awaited him along with eager children and grandchildren.

Having Dad home is almost ethereal.  These past weeks have seemed more like a dream than reality.  I still am not sure that the heaviness of all that has taken place has actually penetrated my mind and heart.  

As I walk with my parents and siblings through the coming weeks, I’m sure reality will sink in.  Dad is quite different now, physically as well as in attitude.  He has lost a lot of weight and muscle mass.  And he is very solemn.  But his eyes have not changed; they still shine.  His recovery will be very gradual.  But, praise God that the word “recovery” is even in our vocabulary!

Along with Dad being home, I’m rejoicing that I get to go home too.  I have never loved the sight of my little apartment more than now!  I have sorely missed overseeing my own household and serving my husband and children.  I’m looking forward to sitting at the breakfast table tomorrow with just my babies to talk to. 

Nor can I wait to restore a certain degree of cleanliness and order to our dwelling.  For the past eight weeks, the apartment has become merely a large storage space, an out-of-the-way place to put in-the-way things.  Tomorrow, I hope to return it to it’s former glory.  Okay, “former glory” exaggerates what my apartment was like before all this happened.  But, whether ones home is a mansion or a shack, it is glorious having it be your own.  And, speaking of mansions versus shacks, I need to update everyone on the progress of our building project.  But I’ll save that for a different time.  It’s almost 11:00 PM and my bed in my room is beckoning me. 😉