As many of you know, my sisters are kinda horse-crazy.  Come to think of it, I am too…kinda.  Since becoming a wife and mother, I’ve become a little too practical for horse fantasies.  But, occasionally, when Ransom and I are out on a walk, I’ll get this wild desire to jump on a horse and gallop away with him to who-knows-where.  Maybe it’s the setting sun on the mountains, or the playful way the wind blows in the evening that brings out that bit of eight-year-old girl I’ve retained who is madly in love with these beautiful animals.  Horses are pictures of contrast: powerful and controlled; strong and graceful; rugged and beautiful.  There’s something incredibly tantilizing about seeing one running through a field, mane and tail blowing wildly, hooves barely touching the ground, nostrils flared, head tossing, eyes gleaming.  Oh, I’m getting shivers just thinking about it. 

Wow…maybe there’s a lot more of that little eight-year-old left over in me than I thought.  No wonder I married a cowboy. 🙂

Following are pictures of my sisters and Honour riding horses at Frank and Micki Strickland’s house, my Aunt Paula’s in-laws:

Katie was a natural!  And Anna has a beautiful posture in the saddle.  Honour, not even two-years-old, has already proved to have a bad case of horse fever.  When riding time was over, he pitched a royal fit, kicking and screaming, and repetitively saying, “More horse!”  His favorite toys are his aunties’ plastic horses here at the house and his favorite book is his daddy’s A Complete Guide to Horses.  When he’s grown up, maybe he’ll be rich and famous and actually be able to afford to keep one.  🙂