Well, my last post was entitled “The Weekend,” and here we are going into the next weekend.  We’ve had a busy but wonderful week and gotten a lot done.  Besides doing school and keeping the house generally tidy, we got the garden planted!  The Dunham ladies came over Thursday afternoon and helped us put in lettuce, spinach, cucumber, two varieties of squash, and corn.  We also weeded, put cages on the tomatoes and pinched the extra runners off the strawberries.  Thank you Karen and girls!  We were productive and had a lot of fun.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get any pictures of our time together.  But, Mom, don’t panic, Karen did; you’ll be able to see the whole event. 🙂

Honour loved being in the garden with us.  Problem was, he kept wanting to stand right where Karen and I were making the cucmber mounds.  Karen came up with the great idea of making him his own mound, accompanied with a watering can (with water) and a small garden tool.  Well, Honour thought that was great.  And so did the younger girls.  They decided to contribute to his water supply from their own watering cans and buckets and ended up creating a minature mud bog.  By the time our work was done, Honour was coated from the waist down in mud, and most of the girls were wearing “mud stockings,” not to mention mud splatters and blotches on every other exposed surface.  Needless to say, they had a great day, and our cucumbers stayed intact, at least for the remainder of that day.

I must mention that Ransom and Paige planted all the corn…quite the undertaking for two greenhorns.  Now we’ll just see if any of it comes up. 🙂  But honestly, I’m quite impressed by how quickly it all got in, considering none of us had any experience in the business.

And now, for everyone’s viewing pleasure, here are pictures of my beautiful baby girl, Remember Elizabeth.  I think her little outfit epitomizes summer and it makes me think of her Auntie Rayia. 🙂

And here’s Honour…I love that little smudge of dirt on his forehead.

Tomorrow is the first day of summer.  May it be a time of rejoicing in the beautiful and simple things God has given us…such as little boys splashing in mud puddles; your baby’s giggle; the romantic scent of roses; your porch and porch swing; icy lemonade on a hot day; picnics with your friends; fireworks on a cool evening; daisies nodding in the breeze; clothes on the line; the sunrise; the sunset.  Take time to enjoy your family.  Tie heart strings with your children.  Take walks.  Read books.  Talk.  Savor what God has given you.  Rejoice in it all!  

And, on that note, I would encourage all the ladies to check out the new link I have under “For Fun” entitled “Shoshanna Gardens.”  You’ll find all sorts of at-home pampering tips along with a bunch of great pictures.  Enjoy!