Other than me being rather sick with a head cold, we enjoyed a lovely weekend, spent primarily with the Ray Mallery family.ย  On Saturday we all went up the Strawberry Lake road and enjoyed a picnic:

Remember with her Uncle River (16)

Mom Mallery, me and Raijoice (12), doubtless laughing at something one of the boys said

“Guy time” with Uncle Roman (25)

Remington (20)

Roshua (14)

Raydeemie (10) holding a bouquet of yellow violets

Ridge (21), giving us one of his goofy smiles ๐Ÿ™‚

Honour walking with Ransom (L) and Remington (R, 20) with Roshua (14) ahead

Me and my husband

On Sunday after church we enjoyedย theย afternoon withย a wonderful family dinner and each other’s company.

The dinner table…the main dish was rosemary-garlic chicken with vegetables.ย  I’ll post this recipe sometime; it was a hit!

Raijoice (12)

Radiant (6)

Setting up horseshoes

As I looked over this post, I realized the only Mallery child that I don’t have a good up-close picture of is Regent (9).ย  Sorry buddy!ย  We’ll have to get one of him in here later.

Anyhow, it was a wonderful weekend.ย  We’ll have to do it again.