Hello everyone.  Things are continuing to go well here and nothing terribly eventful has taken place.  Here are some of the things we’ve been doing lately.

On Wednesday morning, on his way home from working the night shift, Ransom picked up doughnuts and flowers as a treat for the girls.  How sweet!

And, here are those much-anticipated images of the girls industriously attending to their studies…we don’t wing it every day!

Anna Grace doing her math…she’ll be eleven-years-old on June 26!

Remember and me helping Katie with spelling                                                   

On Wednesday afternoon, Rachel and Leah Siblerud and Leann Maltby, friends from church, came to help us create some special Father’s Day gifts.  Thank you ladies!

And here are some miscellaneous pictures:


Paige Elizabeth washing the milking equipment


Anna sending her love to Dad, Mom, Jay Jr. and Grandpa Schmid


Honour and Remember keeping occupied during school

 I love those expressions!

 Kissin’ sissy 🙂

Many of the pictures I’ve been using in my more recent posts have been taken by Emily Ann.  She seems to really have a knack for photography.  Here’s a picture of her as well as some of the shots she’s taken lately:

Bigsky Country

With that, I’ll sign off.  Thank you all so much for your continued prayers for my dad.  He’s doing well.  Don’t forget to check the journal my mom is keeping.  You can also sign a guestbook at this site and send some encouraging words.  Your notes are a huge blessing.

Love to all of you,