As I finished last night’s post, I determined I would take lots of wonderful pictures the following day and show you all (especially Mom Rickel) just how well we’re managing, keeping everything running like a well-oiled machine.  I hoped to be capturing our 6:00 AM family worship time, the girls diligently attending to their studies and my sweet children playing together harmoniously.

But, alas, it was not to be.  My “sweet” children, specifically my son, decided to wake me up multiple times throughout the night.  This has become a habit for him of late, and we’ve had several successive nights like this.  So, when my alarm went off, I really did not want to get up and, interestingly enough, Honour seemed to be sleeping very soundly for the first time since I had put him to bed the night before.  I decided to “wing it” just once, and asked Paige to take over for the morning.

What I did not know at that time was that it was snowing outside.  Yes, snowing on June 10 of all days!  And it wasn’t just a little flurry.  Here’s a picture to prove it:

The situation outside created some extra work.  Paige quickly responded by bringing plants inside, shutting the chickens in their coop with their food and a heat lamp and starting a fire (inside the wood stove).  All of this happened while I was sleeping very soundly.

I finally got up around 8:15 AM and I must say, I felt very refreshed and fully justified in choosing to get up late.  What with responding to the weather abnormalities and such, the morning hadn’t gone as it typically would, and the girls hadn’t started school.  So, we had to modify plans.

Somehow, our initial modification, which was to eat a quick breakfast and get as much school done as possible, metamorphosed into ignoring school completely, making pancakes and generally enjoying the day.  We eased our consciences by saying that, really, the house needed some attention; surely Mom would want us to take the day off school to catch up on some of the housework! 🙂

Here we are, enjoying the wonderful breakfast Paige made.  What an industrious morning she had!


Honour and Remember:


Anna, Emily and Katie:

After we enjoyed our breakfast, we did actually do some housework.  At 2:00 PM, Monica Hemmingway, a friend and neighbor, picked us up and took us to her house for an afternoon of stamping.  What a fun project!  We all made several cards:

Thank you, Monica, for sharing your supplies and time with us.

So, that is a synopsis of our day.  Mom, you can be proud of us for our, um, adaptability. 🙂  We love you!


P.S.  Thank you to Emily Ann for taking most of the pictures in this post! 🙂