Hi everyone.  Yes, it’s true.  After months…years actually…of talking and planning, we’ve broken ground and officially started the building process of our house.  Wow.

During his last set of days off, Ransom’s time was spent mostly in the backhoe, digging a gigantic hole where our basement will be.  The above picture was taken facing west from the eastern side of our property, about where our driveway will come off the lane.  The house will be where you see the piles of dirt.


This is the perspective from the building sight, facing east.  Those mountains will one-day be the view from our front porch. 

And yes, our little boy is enthralled with all that dirt!  He has enjoyed climbing the piles, as well as rolling down and digging in them.  He’s also tasted them, but they’re not very impressive from that perspective. 🙂

Today, Ransom has decided to hire a professional to finish the excavating and he’s onto digging the trenches for the electrical lines.  I’m not sure what comes once that’s done…we’ll keep y’all posted (no pun intended!).


PS  A new presentation…are you surprised?  I’m not even going to explain this time.