Okay, so I’m really, REALLY wishy-washy.  I’ve changed my presentation once again.  Although the last presentation was practical, in that it left a lot of room for pictures and writing, it didn’t satisfy my need for “cute.”  So, my practical side looses again.  My husband isn’t surprised. 🙂

Speaking of my husband, three years ago this week is when he and I were courting.  Nowadays, when I step outside, the spring air sweeps me back to those first glorious moments of being in love.  It’s amazing how scent has the ability to flood my mind with memory.

I am still in awe that God was pleased to have us be husband and wife.  He said “yes” to what I had told myself “no” a hundred times.  Not only did he allow our marriage, but he blessed it and kindly gave it to us. 

He has used our marriage as a tool in both of our sanctification.  What a joy it is to live together as joint heirs of his grace!  How we rejoice in this estate and praise God for such a perfect gift.