Hi everyone!  We arrived home from Moscow on Monday afternoon as planned.  What a wonderful trip we had.  Jonathan and Rayia were great hosts, and created a fun, encouraging vacation for us.  We especially enjoyed spending Resurrection Day with them.  As Christians, Resurrection Day really should be the most glorious of all the holidays we celebrate.  Christ’s birth was an important event; but without his resurrection, we would have no hope.  Praise the Lord for all that was accomplished when Jesus rose from the tomb.  Thank-you Soderbergs for all the wonderful ideas you gave us for making this holiday the most joyous day on our calendar.  And thanks for such a great time with you all! 

On our way to Idaho, we stopped in Plains to visit Grandma Mallery.  We had breakfast with her at The Butcher’s Nook and enjoyed a lovely visit.  We are always so blessed by our times with Grandma.  “Rejoice in the Lord always” is a command she diligently keeps.  What a privilege it is to be her grandchildren.  Here’s a picture of her singing “Jesus Loves Me” to Remember:


During our stay in Idaho, Honour enjoyed getting to know his cousins, Titus (4) and Adeline (2).  Here are pictures of them during Titus’ birthday party:



And here’s Sissy with Uncle Jonathan:


I should have gotten a lot more pictures; but I’m really not the greatest when it comes to photography.  With time, I hope to get better at it.

Now that we’re back in Montana, we have started the process of building our house!  Today, Ransom met with someone from Flathead Electric about getting electricity to the property.  On his next set of days off, he plans to dig the foundation, as well as the trenches (is that what you call them?) for the electrical and water lines. 

Those of you who have been around construction for years will laugh at my lack of knowledge when it comes to correct building terms.  In fact, you’ll laugh at my ignorance regarding the whole building process in general.  I really know nothing about it; I’m glad my husband does!  The next few years will provide quite the education for me.

I should close; the babies are asleep and I should be too.  We love you all!


 PS  Yes, I changed my presentation AGAIN.  Sorry for being so wishy-washy.  I like this presentation because it’s nice and wide, allowing more space for pictures.  And, speaking of pictures, I figured out why some of you haven’t been able to view them.  I won’t bore you with details, but you might want to look at older posts where you weren’t able to see pictures, ’cause you should be able to see them now. 🙂