My first post on this blog…it seems I should say something momentous.  But, I’m afraid life is rather “non-momentous” at our house just now.  Ransom is working the night shift at the jail, Honour is sleeping soundly and Remember is laying contentedly in her cradle.  I can hear an occasional “thud” from the crew upstairs; I happen to know they’re watching the old, animated Charlotte’s Web.  But other than that, all I can hear is the tapping of my fingers on the keypad and my little girl’s soft breathing. 

Actually, from another standpoint, this evening is very momentous…BOTH MY BABIES ARE ASLEEP!  YAHOO!  This usually only happens for fleeting, half-hour intervals during the day.  Then my attitude is, “Quick!  Get as much done as possible!”  Oh, well.  The life of a mama with a toddler and a newborn.

Although I am busy, I simply love having two children.  When Remember was born on Christmas Day, life changed dramatically, but in a wonderful way.  Yes, I have very little discretionary time, and when I do, I usually want to sleep.  But I am so grateful for my babies.  I am overwhelmed that God has seen fit to bless me with two already.  I know I am unworthy of such precious gifts and can only wonder at his goodness to me.

We all have colds just now.  Poor little Remember has a raspy cough.  She has been very happy in spite of it though and delights us with her smiles and coos.  She’s been trying very hard to “talk” to us.  She’s definitely a female and wants to start communicating!

Honour has discovered he can make me laugh.  Certain looks, certain tones just tickle me and sometimes he uses his antics to his advantage, such as when he’s in trouble.  He seems to think, “If I can just get Mama to laugh, maybe she won’t discipline me!”  I’m sorry to say, sometimes it works!  It’s amazing how clever an eighteen-month-old is.  He’s such a great little guy and really is very obedient.  Right now, we’re working on following instruction with a cheerful attitude…both of us.

Ransom is eager to begin work on our house in April.  He recently filled out an application for an electrical permit and has been creating a building schedule to help him keep within his desired time table for completion.  We’re excited and sobered by this step at the same time.  It will be wonderful having our own house in a few years, but the process of getting there is rather daunting.  We would appreciate your prayers for wisdom during this phase of our lives.

We would also appreciate your prayers for my grandma, June Schmid.  She has turned a corner in her illness and is having greater difficulty breathing.  Hospice just started coming this week. 

Yesterday, we visited Grandma, and as I sat with her, so many thoughts crowded my mind.  Above all, gratitude filled my heart for the wonderful privilege it has been to be her granddaughter, for the sweet memories I have of the times we’ve shared for twenty-two years, and for the fact that she has seen not only my first but also my second child.  I’m so glad God saw fit to send my babies when he did, for they have brought a very special joy to Grandma during her illness.  I love seeing the delight in her face when she holds Remember and when Honour plays at her feet.  God has been so gracious to her and to us.

My little girl is now waking up for her last feeding of the evening, so I’d best close.  Love to all the family and friends who read this.  Please bear with me, as I’ve never kept a blog before and really have no idea what I’m doing!